Anne is a native Nevadan and has lived in the Reno/Tahoe area for over 30 years, which in and of itself gives her a wealth of knowledge of our beautiful area and all that it has to offer. She graduated from the University of Nevada Reno, with a dual degree in education and taught for 9 years before making the transition into real estate 20 years ago. Her education, background, strong negotiating skills, and caring heart are part of what make her such a valuable partner to have on your side in a real estate transaction. She enjoys educating her clients about the real estate market, listening to their needs and wants, supporting and guiding them throughout the entire purchasing or selling process. Anne is extremely ethical, honest, and works diligently to ensure that her clients are being expertly represented. Many of Anne’s clients are ones that she has represented in transactions before, as well as referrals from prior clients. This is a testament to the respect and reputation that Anne has earned over the years. Anne has been married 27 years to her husband, Tim Lichty of Tim Lichty Construction Inc., a general contractor, who has been building luxury custom homes for over 25 years. They have worked together as a team and this experience has given Anne a unique insight into the luxury home market as well. They have three beautiful children. Timmy, who played baseball in College Station, TX for Texas A & M Aggies, and just recently graduated from the University of Nevada Reno. Tommy, who currently plays baseball for the University of Kansas Jayhawks, and Alexa, who is attending the University of Arizona. Anne is a member of many different community charity leagues and enjoys donating time to these charities, as well as helping these leagues raise money for those in need. Anne is as dedicated to her clients as she is to her family and community. Anne can be contacted through our South Reno office.