As a full service Sonoma County real estate professional, I work with buyers, sellers and investors in real estate transactions spanning all of the price ranges and property types. I have been in the real estate services business since 2004. I have held a job in every facet of real estate from property supervisor (managing and leasing), loan officer, sales and project management. At my last position, I managed single family homes, apartments and mixed-use complexes. The most exciting part was managing and rehabbing some of the properties that we acquired from banks or owners. Some of them in a neglectful state or properties that banks were turning over to sell to an investor. I was diligent in hiring vendors, project management, leasing and new structure for the resident manager. I really love this aspect of taking on new projects and creating value for the property. My husband and I have owned Nordby Electric Inc. for 20 years so the construction background has helped me really understand the dynamics of rehabs and the ability to get down in the trenches with the workers. I believe you have to see the property, have a plan and put it all in motion keeping in mind that you stay harmonious with clients needs and wants. This longevity and confidence comes from my real estate services to a great many buyers and sellers, and their recommendations to others that result in repeat and referral business that keeps me productive and successful.

Residential Single Family - My residential single family services connect buyers with sellers every day, and I do it with professionalism and a total dedication to my clients. This property type is the majority of my market transactions, but by far not the only one in which I have expertise.

Condominiums - While condominiums are residential, they're a very different market focus, and I am an expert in evaluating condos and helping buyers and sellers to cope with the special financing and homeowner concerns for this property type.

Multi-family - Investors are great clients for me. Multi-family properties are a very unique market. The detailed return on investment and valuation calculations investors need to evaluate properties for rental are second nature to me.

Commercial - Whether it's a small office building, an warehouse, a store front or a restaurant space, I'm your commercial property specialist. I managed many commercial properties too so it helps to understand both sides of the coin and be able to give advice on leasing, managing, tenant improvements etc.

Vacant Land - Land is a very special property class. It's relatively easy to show a gourmet cook a wonderful commercial kitchen in a home and see their eyes light up. It's more of a challenge to help a buyer or seller to realize the potential in a piece of land. My family is in the construction business and can help from the ground up. I get the permit and building system and understand the in and outs of building the foundation to the finishing product.