At 2 months of age, placed in a backpack on his mother’s back, Ian was introduced to skiing and the astounding beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Having grown up in Southern California, Ian returned to Tahoe in 2003 to live here, and follow his love of the outdoors, and the passion that was instilled in him at such a young age. As a snowboarder, he moved here for the winter, but ended up staying for the summer… and many more seasons to come. Summer in Tahoe is as equally beautiful as winter, with one of the largest alpine lakes in the world for water skiing, pristine single-tracks trails for mountain biking, and endless granite faces for climbing, and Ian lives, loves, and breaths the life of these mountains.

As co-owner and founder of Auto Deck Snowboards, an innovative, patented snowboard-design that allows for a smoother and quicker introduction to snowboarding than the normal board produced by most brands today, Ian has developed deep roots in the Lake Tahoe community, and knows the area like the back of his hand. Handpicked to become an agent for Oliver Luxury Real Estate by Michael Oliver himself, selling real estate in Lake Tahoe has come naturally to him. It is a means of connecting his clients and those he meets, to his passion for the great outdoors. Surrounded by the best in the business, Ian has learned what it takes to be a great real estate agent firsthand: act as advisor first, and salesman second.

The healthy, active lifestyle that is promoted in Tahoe is something that Ian feels very fortunate to be able to enjoy. While living in the serenity of Lake Tahoe, it has been paramount to Ian that he remain aware of issues on the global scale of our world, and work to assist those in need. As such, Ian dedicates a portion of every sale he makes to Counsel to Secure Justice (// or a cause of his client’s choice. While gaining so much from the beauty that surrounds him here in Tahoe, Ian works to make sure he gives back to the environment and world at large, to strive towards a balance in the economical and societal dichotomies prevalent in our world today.