Buying real estate can be exhilarating! But it can also be daunting. Let Corcoran Global Living take the stress out of your next real estate decision. Our skilled agents are here to craft a strategic plan that fits seamlessly with your needs. You can focus on the pleasant part of your home search while our agents navigate the process from sourcing relevant properties and lending options to negotiations, escrow and the final closing.

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Personal Consultation & Guidance
We pride ourselves in our cadre of agents who are the industry’s best and brightest, carrying the flag in our core markets in California and Nevada. We will guide you through the home-buying process first by assessing your wants and needs, all while empowering you to make smart decisions. Wherever you’ve set your sights, we’re there.

Discover Your Purchasing Power
An offer to purchase a property is given greater consideration by a seller when the offer is accompanied by a pre-qualification or a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender or mortgage broker. Our well-connected agents can recommend several lending institutions from which to obtain pre-approved financing and assist you in evaluating all of your options.

Search and Find Your Dream Home
Our agents are local market experts with local connections and access to information and technology that can help with identifying existing and future properties that meet your criteria. From regularly touring properties to keep up on inventory and comparable sales to helping you make an attractive offer on your dream home, we will be by your side providing up-to-the-minute information and proprietary market intelligence to help you close the best deal.

Negotiation & Contract Expertise
Corcoran Global Living Buyers Agents have the experience and knowledge to best represent you to the seller and seller’s agent. We will advise and assist you in presenting an offer and are skilled at negotiations and understanding the fine print to make sure you’re protected throughout the closing process.

Escrow Guidance
We know that the escrow process can be just as overwhelming as the beginning stages which is why our agents will walk you through all the necessary inspections and assist you in evaluating the results, help coordinate and negotiate repairs if needed, and execute the final closing documents. We want you to feel relief and excitement when you’re handed your new keys.