Around Lake Tahoe, there is many a place to stop and enjoy a glass of wine with friends or on your own. One such place is Glasses Wine Bar in Incline Village.  It has an inviting contemporary ambiance that encourages you to sink into the comfortable couches or pull up a seat and chat at the wine bar. A patio is open come spring to those who wish to sit outside or bring their dogs.

This is a very unique spot that provides unique wines. Glasses‘ goal is to encourage people to step outside the box and try new wines from different regions and educate about those wines. Fifty percent of the wines offered are from regions outside of California and the wine list includes moderately priced wines, select wines, and Library wines, none of which are available by the glass up here.

unique spot wine list

Moderately Priced wines can be purchased by the glass or bottle. Their overall price range is $8 to $19 per glass and $22 to $48 per bottle. These wines are more for those who want a moderately priced, easy to drink “go-to wine.”

Glasses‘ Select Wines currently represent nine different wine regions and are available to taste, by the half glass, full glass or bottle. These wonderful wines are higher end and have more complexity to them than those mentioned earlier. They have mostly rated ninety points or above, meaning they are defined as “Outstanding: A wine of Superior character and style” or better by Wine Spectator.

 wine collectors

The Library Wines at Glasses are a growing list. These are reserved wines that are not offered by the glass but by the bottle and are sought by collectors. These wines have a retail value of $60 and up. These are perfect for the collector, a special occasion or those who are looking for a pricier bottle to enjoy.

Rob and Kathleen, the owners of Glasses, have created an environment to encourage learning about different wines while enjoying a good book or the company of friends. Each has a specialty. Rob knows his white wines, while Kathleen loves her reds.  If you want to try something new or are just debating on your wine for the evening, ask and they will help direct you to a wine you will greatly enjoy. If you want more of your wine of choice, Glasses can order cases at discounted prices for customers.

glasses wine bar

Events are frequently happening at the wine bar. From their semi-annual wine sale and semi-annual art show to food and wine pairing to live music, Rob and Kathleen try to provide a taste of Tahoe in every aspect. They provide light snacks at the bar and encourage patrons to bring their own food or order in.


Next time you are in Incline Village check out this unique, high-end wine bar! 


Photos courtesy of Glasses Wine Bar, located at 760 Mays Blvd. Unit 8, Incline Village.